Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances

Identify Your Full Capital Allowances Entitlement

Capital Allowances on Commercial Property

When you buy, lease or improve a commercial property, HMRC allows you to offset some of that expenditure for tax purposes. The problem historically is that identifying capital allowances within commercial properties is extremely complex, and in lots of instances, accountants only scratch the surface.

Full Capital Allowance Reviews

Your accountants have probably claimed for the more obvious features, but as capital allowance specialists, we analyse your potential entitlement extensively to make significant additional claims on your behalf. We will work with your financial advisors, to typically identify Capital Allowances of between 10% and 30% of the commercial property purchase price.

Specialist Surveyors with Tax Expertise

You are entitled under the Capital Allowances Act 2001 to obtain tax rebates from HMRC. We use specialist surveyors with tax expertise, to visit your property and value these allowable items. This service is particularly relevant for two types of clients:

  • Commercial property owners and investors. Retrospective claims can be made for unused allowances, (going back many years in some cases), for alterations, extensions and upgrades to their buildings.
  • Buyers and sellers of commercial property. Values for plant and machinery may need to be agreed as part of the purchase process.

Types of Commercial Property

Examples of properties on which capital allowances can be claimed include:-

  • Offices
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Retail stores
  • Factories and industrial units
  • Nursing and residential homes
  • Recreational facilities
  • Dental and GP surgeries
  • Filling stations and garages
  • Depots and warehouses
  • Haulage yards and transport facilities

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